Behind the Source podcasts are about understanding the tech that makes up the web. Each episode features an expert in a topic and we try to explore it for people who aren't familiar with it.

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Series Two

  1. Coolify with András Bácsai

    Coolify with András Bácsai


    Mike talks about a self-hosted Netlify alternative, Coolify, with creator András
  2. Svelte with Brittney and Willow

    Svelte with Brittney and Willow


    An exploration of Svelte, SvelteKit and Svelte Sirens with Brittney and Willow (and added fireworks)
  3. Umbraco with Paul Seal

    Umbraco with Paul Seal


    Paul Seal talks through Umbraco - the up and downs in a brief tour of the .net CMS
  4. jQuery with Tomasz Łakomy

    jQuery with Tomasz Łakomy


    Tomasz and Mike discuss jQuery - is it still relevant today? Is it really so bad?
  5. Gitpod with Pauline Narvas

    Gitpod with Pauline Narvas


    What is Gitpod, how does it work and how do you get started? Mike talks to Pauline to find out
  6. Design Systems with David Darnes

    Design Systems with David Darnes


    Mike chats with David Darnes from Nordhealth about Design Systems, what they are and why you might need one

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