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Series One

  1. Cassidy Williams

    I love how fast the industry moves. It’s kind of a joke to everyone how many frameworks there are but it’s great to see all of the opportunities to learn

    Cassidy Williams #S01E08: Cassidy Williams

    Cassidy is the absolute boss when it comes to making web dev memes, newsletters and jokes (there is one in every rendezvous email). I was super stoked when she agreed to answer my questions and it's great to read about how she got where she is.
  2. Matt Stow

    I love how sharing the industry is. So many people freely give away their knowledge, learnings and code for practically anyone else to use.

    Matt Stow #S01E07: Matt Stow

    Matt is one of those elusive people on Twitter I have followed for ages, never really engaged with but have always enjoyed the mix of tweets about web dev and his daughter. He seems to follow and talk to a lot of people I follow and talk to, so it only seemed natural when he reached out about being involved in this project. I've found it rare to find a "real-life" picture of Matt, so when I saw the one above I realised he looked nothing like I imagined.
  3. Stuart Nelson

    Some days I just feel like I’m playing a game and it almost doesn’t feel like a real job

    Stuart Nelson #S01E06: Stuart Nelson

    Stuart approached me when I first floated the idea of Behind the Source to Codebar where he is a coach in Bristol. He had some helpful tips (and was one of the first to hear the name). This kind of interview is why I wanted to do this in the first place; you can tell Stuart is passionate about the web and loves what he does.
  4. Al Power

    One can’t help being inspired by going online and seeing what people are sharing

    Al Power #S01E05: Al Power

    An absolutely legendary name, for a legendary hero. I was racking my brains as to how I met Al Power and I cannot, for the life of me, remember. We've known each other digitally for many years and have often bumped into each other at local conferences (including my own!). Al Power knows his stuff and (until I read this interview) I realised I didn't actually know that much about the man. He is one of the nicest people you'll meet and it is an honour to have him as part of this project.
  5. Cassie Evans

    The thing I appreciate the most is that the web industry doesn’t stand still. You’re constantly learning.

    Cassie Evans #S01E04: Cassie Evans

    Cassie is an incredible front-end developer from Brighton. I've followed (and been a fan of) her since she started at Clearleft. Watching her go from front-end developer to international speaking superstar has been a joy (I'm sure Bytesconf had a big hand it that) and I was super stoked when she agreed to feature in this series.
  6. Stephanie Stimac

    I work on the thing that gives millions of people access to the internet and I get to empower developers to build for it

    Stephanie Stimac #S01E03: Stephanie Stimac

    I came across Stephanie when I was listening to Episode 8 of the the Smashing Podcast. I was in the process of curating Series One and thought it would be fascinating to have a developer who works on a browser as part of the series. The Web We Want initiative is awesome and despite the stigma that working on Microsoft Edge sometimes has, it sounds like, with the move the Chromium, Microsoft are really pushing the web and its standards forward.
  7. Josh Hudson

    If you do interview, ask them questions. You are interviewing them as well as them interviewing you.

    Josh Hudson #S01E02: Josh Hudson

    Josh approached me about being featured in Behind the Source, although he needed no introduction. Having followed him on twitter for a while, I knew exactly who he was. A local (to me) Brighton web developer. I was fascinated to hear his story about how he got into the web industry and how he feels the community is as a whole, from a Junior Developer's point-of-view.
  8. Sara Vieira

    Sometimes we lose track that the web was built for people and not for just us

    Sara Vieira #S01E01: Sara Vieira

    Sara and I have followed each other on twitter for a long time. When I started publishing tutorial YouTube videos, she was one of the first (and only) to encourage me. This small act of kindness means that I have a huge amount of respect for her and have learnt that she is pretty dope. When this project progressed from an idea to realisation, she was top of my list to ask to be involved and I was ecstatic when she said yes.You may recognise her from speaking at many different conferences, from her book, or just from being kick-ass on Twitter. Or you might not - that doesn't matter.
  9. Mike Street

    Introducing our interviewees...

    Mike Street #S01E00: Mike Street

    Here's a sneak peak as to who is coming up in the first series of Behind the Source.

Behind the Source is a project by Mike Street. It highlights the different routes and entry points into the web and the technology used to get there.

If you were to believe Twitter, you would think every developer is changing their tech stack every week. The latest framework is a must-use for building your website and if you're still using last week's one you are left behind.

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